Thank you Biz Kids!!!

A huge shout out to the Astoria Sunday Market Biz Kids!!! Thank you so much to all the kids who came down to the Van Dusen building to tour our workspace. We had so much fun demonstrating our tap handle production for this great group of kids. They also got a tour of Wheeler Bags upstairs with Nick, and got to make a rad tile project with Audrey of Audrey Long Ceramics. And thank you to Good To Go for an awesome spread of bagged lunches- the kids loved them!!!

The young people involved with Astoria Sunday Market Biz kids are a shining example of why we can hold out a little hope for the future. Bright, engaged young people with a keen eye on making; I am sure we could all learn as much from them as they from us- if not a whole lot more!

We greatly look forward to working with this group in the future- and seeing what amazing things they do! Check out the kids at the Sunday Market this year- sounds like some great ideas are in the works!

biz 1.JPG