Our 3D model helps Astoria Public Library raise funding

We are proud to help support the renovation project for the Astoria Public Library!   We fully embrace the library's mission to bring an updated and expanded space to the community, and were delighted to design and build this 3D model -- which pays tribute to the original architectural design and excites the public about what the future will bring.  The best part....our 3D model accepts cash donations through a slit on the top glass!  So, next time you're at the library, think about donating to this great project.    We need to raise a significant amount, but we know we can do it Astoria!


To learn more about the project and recent stages of development, click here

On Oct 8, 2017, we presented the 3D model as a gift to the library, at the Astoria Library's 50th Birthday Celebration!


* credit to library intern Aubrey Timmons for her help with the model design.